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Chiropractic Care
A therapy that has been in use ofr over a century, it involves the gentle realignment of the spine to eliminate pinched nerves.  This relieves pain and allows the body to begin healing.
This 5,000 year old Chinese treatment can successfully treat even the most chronic of pain conditions.  Pain relief, accelerated healing, relaxation and re-energizing are the benefits of this tried and true technique.
Physical Therapy
Once the pain is gone, it is imperative that the body is strengthened through an individual exercise plan.  Physical therapists will evaluate any imbalance and work with you to create a workable exercise program that targets both the afflicted area and whole body conditioning.

Spinal Decompression Therapy
An effective alternative to back surgery and a wide range of spine related problems. It is completely non-invasive and highly effective for curing bulging discs, disc herniation, degenerative disc ailments, numbness, backache and sciatica. Non surgical spinal decompression completely rules out the risks associated with surgery and anesthesia. This innovative method is quick, painless, effective, safe, easy, and affordable. The therapy restores and cures the spine naturally!
K-Laser Therapy

A therapy that uses specific wavelenghts of light to create therapeutic effects. Laser energy increases circulation which creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness, and pain.
Exercise Programs
All exercise programs are designed as "home/work/life" friendly - you will have a plan that you can home, at the office, or on the road.
CWS also provides:
On-site X-Ray
Nutritional Evaluation
Blood Work
Orthotics (shoe inserts)
Graston technique
Cox Flexion-distraction technique

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