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Our Patients Speak

"Great care"
Posted by Tony on 7/11/2012
Dr. Mike,

Last Thursday I was is major pain, I thought I was doomed for the rest of my vacation in my old hometown.
I had 2 choices go to the ER or find a chiropractor.
Back in 1992-93 you took care of me for a herniated disc. Were you still in practice?
A quick Google search and there you were. Called the emergency nunmber at 6:15am expecting an answering service. You answered. "Just getting ready for work. Call the office in an hour and I'll take care of you." Holy Sh!t!
At 9:30 I got to the office with my wife. She witnessed the treatment. All the "toys": flexion distraction, electric zaping, ice, acupuncture, laser beams, plasma rifles, reverse the rotation of the planet, and a good 'ol adjustment. Magic pills, a back brace, and off I went.
By the end of the day I was completely pain free and mobile. WOW!
Thanks again and fondest Aloha.
From the Big Island,
Tony A

More Patient Feedback!
Posted by Ted on 1/15/2012
In December I sustained and injury in what was a minor rear-end collision that resulted in persistent neck and lower back pain that just would not go away and was getting worse by the day.

I was not having a lot of luck connecting with a Chiropractor and my daughter recommended that I try Dr. Silbert. I called the office and asked what I needed to do to get started. Dr. Silbert picked up the phone and after asking me what my problem was, he said "well, you need to get down here so I can fix that for you" in a cheerful and confident manner.  
Within 30 minutes of my first visit I was receiving my first treatment with Dr. Silbert. Leaving the Chiropractic office I felt instantly better physically and emotionally as I knew I found someone who could help me with my physical ailment. Got to work that day and felt light on my feet and in a good mood generally, first time in a while! In few short visits I felt like really great and strong again.
Dr. Silbert is passionate about his work and determined to "heal" . He knows what he is doing and it is obvious he cares about his patients' well being.

One more SATISFIED Customer!
Posted by Tim on 11/17/2010
Dear Michael:
You did it again!  THANK YOU.  About 18 months ago, I did something to my back, looked like a pretzel, and was in agonizing pain.  A friend of mine told me to call you to see if you could help get me ready for a vacation that I was supposed to go on the following week.
You know the outcome of that – within 2 days, I was back to normal! 
Fast forward to last week.  My back got tweaked again, and I endured significant pain for about 4 days prior to calling you.  Three days later, and I am good to go!
I am not sure if it is the Decompression Table, the exercises and stretches you complete with me, the “weird” other contraptions you have that manipulate and vibrate the body, or just your honest, positive attitude, but IT WORKS!  I have had issues with my back for about 30 years, and when issues flared in the past, it would take months of pain and numerous visits to the doctor to try to “right the wrong”.  Not with you.  Two visits - both times I saw you - and I am feeling great!
Thank you again.  You are a miracle worker in my eyes.  I recommend your techniques, processes, and abilities to anyone!

Highly Recommended.
Posted by kevin881 on 03/16/2007

I have been seeing Dr. Silbert off and on, for 5 years for a recurring back injury. I have always had nothing but positive experiences with him and his office staff. They are accommodating, as I usually call last minute to try and get an appointment. Dr. Silbert has always impressed me as being intelligent and intuitive when concerning treatment of my injury.

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Focused on Wholeness and True Health, Thorough, Caring
Posted by idgie5 on 03/16/2007

The Chicago Wellness Center is a wonderful place with wonderful people. Dr. Silbert is thorough in seeking out what ails you and innovative in his treatments. He's knowledgeable on the best treatments, supplements, gadgets and his treatment encompasses many facets to help you get better. There is no pressure to make unecessary appointments. I had lower back pain for years and went to many doctors who prescribed steroids, anti-inflammatories, cortisone shots and other medications, none of which worked. After a few appointments with Dr. Silbert, my back pain is mostly a memory. My husband has also gone to see Dr. Silbert and had great results. Dr. Silbert's staff is wonderful as well. Kelly, the massage therapist, works wonders and is also very knowledgeable about the body, physical therapy and the many facets of treatment. Everyone there makes you feel very welcome and comfortable no matter what you're problem. Not only do you leave there feeling physically better, but everyone is so kind and enjoyable that you leave happy.

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Dr. Silbert is a learned and experienced professional who gets results
Posted by mkm212 on 03/15/2007

When I first moved to Chicago nearly 12 years ago, we saw a number of healthcare professionals—including several chiropractors. It wasn't until I saw Dr. Silbert that I felt considerable improvement in the chronic pain that plagued me for nearly 10 years. Caused by scar tissue resulting from number of athletic injuries and surgeries, Dr. Silbert is the only person who has helped me get beyond the injuries and pain. He’s like a pain specialist, physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist all in one—and all of the things he does are modalities endorsed by the National Institute of Health. Dr. Silbert is an exceptionally dedicated and learned professional who provides patients with the best kind of healthcare treatment—be it something he can provide in his office or something he facilitates through a referral to another specialist. He’s a rare find, and in my book Dr. Silbert is tops.

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Chiropractor in the Midwest
Posted by jnash82510 on 03/15/2007

Chicago Wellness center and Dr. Silbert are my tops in the midwest. I have been seeing chiropractors for over 20 years, and Dr. Silbert goes above and beyond the call to make sure you walk out of his office healed and feeling 100%. There were times I could not walk into his office because my back was out from playing volleyball. Within 3 days I was back to normal. There was the time I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I did not want to see my orthopaedic because I knew he would tell me to drop out. Dr. Silbert and his staff had me ready to go marathon day for my first marathon in which I completed in 4 hours 22 minutes. There are many other less momentus times from which he pulled my body back from beyond. I would highly recommend Chicago Wellness to anyone in need who can truly appreciate a great doctor. Jason Nash Lemont, IL.

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

First and only chiropractor
Posted by gfeu on 03/15/2007

I have been a patient of Dr. Silbert for ten years. Without question, he has contributed to my overall health and well-being and made me a strong believer in chiropratic medicine.

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

The best chiropractor in Chicago who I highly recommend!
Posted by kshaeer on 03/15/2007

Dr. Silbert is a phenomenal chiropractor. I have always been suspicious of chiropractors even though my hubby and mother frequented them. However, in 2004, I hurt my neck terribly and my hubby was seen by Dr. Silbert for a back issue (the back issue was resolved too) so I decided to see him too. He blew me away with his knowledge, recommendations, compassion, successful treatments, and ability to put me at ease with his humor. He thoroughly went over his diagnosis, my x-rays, and informed me of some abnormalities about my spine. Yes, he may seem a bit crass and use profanity, but he is a complete medical professional. Get real, who doesn’t use profanity this day in age? Listen to the people working in the building where he resides at the CBOT. His philosophy is to provide the best services for his patients with a casual environment. I hate going to an office where the staff is so cold, don't care to talk to you, and rush you out of the office. He and his staff are so warm and truly care about you and your well being. I love how Dr. Silbert is constantly sharing his knowledge and how we discuss science and the latest studies he has read. He is constantly abreast on the top treatments and is always educating himself to be able to provide the best treatments for each patient. I know that when I see him on a regular basis that I feel better about myself and my neck issues are totally resolved. He does a fantastic job and I highly recommend him. My hubby and I feel so fortunate that we found him on the list of chiropractors covered under our insurance out of all those listed and located in the Chicago area. We will never go to another chiropractor and always recommend him to friends.

  • Pros: Thorough, caring, knowledgeable, easy to obtain appointment same day, and wonderful staff
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Saved my back AND my vacation
Posted by jharryman on 03/15/2007

If it hadn't been for Dr. Silbert and the Chicago Wellness Center, I would have had to cancel my long planned trip to Thailand. I was shoveling snow 2 days before I was supposed to leave and pulled my back so badly that I went to the ER. I couldn't sit, I couldn't stand. It was awful. They prescribed some pain meds and told me to rest. The flights to Bangkok totaled 18 hours or so and I thought there was NO WAY I'd be able to sit for that long. So the next day, in total desperation, I wet to see Dr. Silbert. I've seen him from time to time over the years and have always had great success. I'd been to other Chiropractors over the years, but never went back to any of them a second time. But as great as I think Dr. Silbert is, I was skeptical he'd be able to help me in this case. I spent a few hours there, longer than my usual visits. He's got an arsenal of techniques and machines and what have you. He's different in that respect from other Chiropractors I'd been to who just do some adjustments to your back and send you home. He's given me acupuncture in the past; hooked me up to this electro stimuli thingy that takes a minute to get used to but gets the muscle spasms to stop; he's had me lay on machines that have rollers that go up and down my back; other machines that you lay face down on and they bend you at your waist and loosen you up (that one didn't come out right - it's hard to describe!). My point being, he's always keeping his eye out for innovative new treatments. And they work. I left that day, took it easy that night and felt well enough to board my flight the next day. I've recommended a couple of friends to the Chicago Wellness center over the years and they've been as happy as I've been with the results. If you need a chiropractor, call them!

  • Pros: They really listen; they're always on time; their prices are extremely reasonable
  • Cons: the location maybe, just because it's downtown and parking is expensive, but it's close to transportation and taxis
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Chiropractor in Chicago
Posted by khamacher on 03/15/2007

When I moved to Chicago, I spent the first few years trying to find a good chirporactor. After a few average or bad chiropractors, I found Dr. Silbert. He is the first chiropractor I've found who really cares about the overall health of his patients. At one point I had some serious low back problems that were not responding to standard adjustments, but Dr. Silbert kept trying various treatments until he found a combination that worked and I was feeling better. What impressed me the most was how much he cared about how I was feeling, and how much knowledge and experience he has with other alternative treatments, such as accupuncture and electro-therapy. He is also very knowledgeable about vitamin supplements and exercise to help strengthen your spine and reduce the chance of any future injuries. I have referred many friends and co-workers to Dr. Silbert and they have all been very happy with him. I highly recommend him.

  • Pros: Massage chair while you wait, massage therapist on staff, open early most days, late on Wednesdays
  • Overall user rating: Average

Been to MANY Chiropractors, this one is the best
Posted by mbleier on 01/20/2006

I've lived in New York, Colorado, and now Chicago, and have been to Chiropractors everywhere I have lived, as I always seem to be screwing up my back/neck. Without a doubt, Chicago Wellness (Dr. Silbert) is the best I have been to. First and foremost, one of the things that I hated about some other doctors I've been to was the "sales pitch" I would inevitably get... which made me feel that they were more concerned with my money than my well being. Not so with Dr. Silbert. Not only does he NOT give you the sales pitch, but I truly believe that he is in the business for the right reasons. He is passionate about what he does - he wants your body to be as healthy as it possibly can, and he wants to help you get there. I highly recommend Dr. Silbert and the Chicago Wellness Center.

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended